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Laughing babies, the happiest noise

Here's 2 very funny videos of babies laughing. Try not to laugh at these. I bet you can't. Great bit of light humour to left your day. My family laughed at both these ones.

This baby is trying not to laugh at his dad, but it can't help himself. He has a wonderful, happy laugh.

Wow, this is so funny too. 4 babies having a great laugh at dad's funny noises. 4 laughing babies, 4 times the fun. Once one starts, they all have to.

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Blogger boss said...

hello, you have a nice blog.
Just wanted you to know, that I have linked to your nice blog for a long time now. But now I want a link in return from you. If not I am reducing my links on my site, and I will then drop your link.
Therefore, please lets be link buddies ;)
Link to : Funny stupid short videos!

6:42 AM  
Blogger Ian Brayshaw said...

Hi Boss. Yep, no worries.
I'm glad you like my blog. It takes time finding good, funny videos that are clean for all the family to view, so it's great to get feedback.
I have included your blog link above and thanks for linking back to me all this time.

2:06 PM  

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