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Best Collection of Just For Laughs videos

Sometimes we really go out of our way for a good laugh, here's a best of our most crazy complex and spectacular pranks.

This video may contain the following epic pranks:
  • Screaming Severed Head Prank
  • Pink Elephant Prank
  • Cartoony Prank
  • Businessman Appears In Elevator Prank
  • Insane Pink Blonde Girl Prank

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Super active little goat - funny video

Funny little goat with too much energy for his mates :)

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Fortune Teller Predicts Bad News

Fortune Teller deals out the cards to some gullible victims with very bad cards been revealed like death with swords, swords with snakes coming out of skulls, etc getting people very worried. Thankfully it has a happy ending so make sure to watch until the end.

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Will Smith and Gary Barlow Do 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Rap

I had to add this, what a classic, if you haven't seen this The Graham Norton Show video on YouTube, then worth it. Man, amazing how Will Smith is still more known as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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Flying Saucer crashed by roadside

A realistic looking flying saucer crashed on the side of a country road with only one police officer first to the scene and needs help.

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Popcorn accident on the extreme

Shoppers are asked to keep an eye on a stove popcorn aluminum thing while the cook goes to rescue someone in danger behind the curtain. While the victim is distracted by the police officer, there is a huge bang and ... well you will just have to watch it :)

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Real Flying Carpets For Sale

A flying carpet salesman is trying to convince people his carpets do indeed fly... and then proves his point when the previous customer shows up flying around with his newly purchased carpet.

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The return of JAWS: Shark Attack

A girl in a bikini asks for help to retrieve a beach ball from the water. Most people are willing to help, until dun-dun. dun-dun. DUN DUN!

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People Go Crazy In Fake Elevator

This one should bring a laugh :) People get into our fake elevator and then are made to think they're going crazy! No matter how hard they try, they always end up on the wrong floor.

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Hunters shoot dead the Easter Bunny

Video prank of a gentle old man releasing his best friend the Easter Bunny in the wild, but less than 10 seconds later two hunters to shoot him dead.

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